Boys Varsity Swimming, Girls Varsity Swimming · Stratford Swim Teams Place 3rd

The Stratford Knights Varsity Swim Teams each placed third last night in their dual meets with Berkeley, Ashley Ridge, and Fort Dorchester. The Girls team finished with 89 points while the Boys Team finished with 80 points. The meet results are listed below.

Female Scores
Ashley Ridge        137
Fort Dorchester    119
Stratford        89
Berkeley        27

200yd Medley Relay: FOD 2:04.45; 200yd Freestyle: T. Everest (STF), 2:10.05; 200yd Individual Medley: S. Lessard (ASR), 2:29.29; 50yd Freestyle: A. Thornal (BEY), :25.74; 100yd Butterfly: S. Lessard (ASR), 109.01; 100yd Freestyle: A. Thornal (BEY), :57.58; 500yd Freestyle: T. Everest (STF), 5:55.10; 200yd Freestyle Relay: ASR, 1:53.26; 100yd Backstroke: C. Kastenholz (FOD), 1:10.77; 100yd Breaststroke: A. Hunt (STF), 1:17.16; 400yd Freestyle Relay: FOD 4:20.24

Male Scores
Fort Dorchester    178
Ashley Ridge        103
Stratford        80
Berkeley        27

200yd Medley Relay: FOD, 1:45.80; 200yd Freestyle: B. DeHaven (FOD), 1:57.60; 200yd Individual Medley: N. Brazier (FOD), 2:11.90; 50yd Freestyle: J. Seith (FOD), :23.14; 100yd Butterfly: J. Seith (FOD), :59.24; 100yd Freestyle: M. Fennell (STF), 53.17; 500yd Freestyle: M. Agostinelli (STF), 5:17.08; 200yd Freestyle Relay: FOD, 1:37.96; 100yd Backstroke: D. Carelli (FOD), :58.56; 100yd Breaststroke: N. Brazier (FOD), 1:07.18; 400yd Freestyle Relay: FOD, 3:35.56