Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · Stratford Boys 1st, Girls 2nd at Berkeley Meet

The Stratford Boys and Girls Cross Country teams competed in a dual meet this past Wednesday at the Berkeley Meet at Old Santee Canal. The Boy’s team finished first, and the girls placed second. In winning the Boys team also accomplished the feat of finishing the meet with a perfect score. The overall team scores are below:

Results from Berkeley’s Meet @ Old Santee Canal Park


Team’s Score and Places


1st Place           Stratford         15 (perfect score!)

2nd Place          Berkeley          67

3rd Place           Hanahan          97

4th Place          Stall                212

5th Place           Charleston Math and Sci. 217

6th Place            O-W             217

7th Place            Palmetto Scholars Academy   257

Team’s Score and Places


1st Place                                 Ashley Hall       19

2nd Place                                Stratford           41

3rd Place                                 Hanahan            89

4th Place                                 Goose Creek     275

5th Place                                 Stall                   365