Multiple Teams · Football Strives to Improve; Commitment in the Weight Room This Summer a Must

The Stratford Football Program continues summer lifting, and needs everyone to commit and buy in this summer to becoming the best player and teammate they can be. The senior class leads the way in attendance thus far with 78% of the senior class attending workouts. The junior class comes in a close second with 74% in attendance. The sophomore class lags far behind at 19%.

Commitment and dedication will pay off when the season comes around. You can’t be a successful team if you say, “well I’m here and they can do what they want”. Football is a true team game and we need everyone to buy in to the process. Be accountable. Hold others accountable. Do the little things right. Strive for Perfection.

Lifting resumes Wednesday at 7:30 AM. If you know someone that should be attending call them, encourage them, hold them accountable.