Knights News · Boy’s Soccer Varsity Roster Set

After 3 days of 52 players competing against each other, the 2018 Varsity boys soccer team has been set. The coaching staff would like to thank everyone for coming out, working hard, and making these decisions difficult.

Your 2018 Knights Varsity Team is:

Seniors:  Grant Domingo, Jose Servin, Dylan Cromer, Evan Lynch, Natayson Taylor

Juniors: Charles Morgan, Jonas Dasilva, Pedro Silva, Macos Antunez, Spencer Suter, CJ Klutts

Sophomores:  Ali Quzah, Jordan Ray, Saif Quzah, Oseas Martinez, Rish Desai, Anderson Alvarado, Chema Casal

Freshman:  Aidin Mitchell, Riley Beattie, Yezen Quzah, Kerrelle Carranza

We look forward to a great season ahead!